⭐️ There are many variations to play our game. ⭐️
In the instructions we explain the most comprehensive and educational way of it. With a very specific target audience. 🤓
However, there are diferents methods to facilitate the game to the point where children can play. 👨👩👧👧

First let's start by simplifying the moderately game. 

[Method 1]

 📌 Do you think that play ChemiProject abolishing the specific actions of the Storage cards are good option?
It allows us to read less and reduce options. 
+ Facilitates the game.
-Decreases interactions entered players

[Method 2]

📌 Remove all BreakRules cards?
It makes the game less dynamic game but interactions with opponents is drastically reduced. 
I think it is not the best idea. IT will make the game not funny. Better if you remove the most difficult storage cards and, for example take a BreakRule if you just connected two storage cards of the same family.
+ Facilitates game
+ Makes the game more quickly
-Decreases strategy
-Decreases interactions

[Method 3]

📌 Do you think is good idea play ChemiProject  with a sible objective?
Ahead! you will not use your detective skills! 
-Decreases strategy.
+ Allows focus on your goal.

[Method 4]

📌Not use Project cards.  Connect the cards with the same color...
If your goal is not to learn, this is your choice ...
+ It makes the game much more intuitive.
-Reduce the level of learning to the knowledge of the functional groups.
-not suitable for serious players ...
[Method 4b]
📌 Forget the scheme of Project cards. Une cards with same color and do not use BreakRules  and in addition  make deal single objective. Here's a game for children 6-8 years.

************************************************** *******************

Now the important thing. Chemistry teach  to small childrens 6-8 years!

 Games for young children force us to drastically reduce complexity. Because what we want is to be centered and have a good time.

[Method 1]

📌See the video. (It also has subtitles)
Acquires very basic concepts of chemistry.

+ Very easy.
No acquires knowledge about reactivity.

[Method 2]

📌See the video. ( It also has subtitles)
Acquires very basic concepts of chemistry and become familiar with other slightly more advanced as reactivity.

+ Play more complicated.
 But they can still play young children.
No acquires knowledge on reactivity.

[X Method]

In short, you have the cards. And these have a lot of cards! We show a few variants. But with a little creativity, you have an ability to develop a new method of play, in a simple way.
We encourage you to find them some, and ye currents or a video.


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