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 🎬 ChemiProject role!

Behind of a big games there is a big history. ChemiProject tells you a story immerses you in a role. It is based in the sud-European economical crisis, concretely of Spain and Greece. During the full second decade of this century, find a job, a good job, is hard and difficult even with a bachelor or Master. In addition, culturally science is no so important as medicine or education, without any industry flagship supporting this area and a huge reduction fo the sources in the public sector.
📌But here is not going to  make a political criticism, Lets be focus in the role of the game...

 You are young scientist and you are looking for job for months... everything was wrong, but you are motivated and search to find more and more offers... 
Now... you get an appointment, It was hard but may be... you can start a P.hD in  chemistry!

▶️In this chapters you will see the history of ChemiProject and you can  go ahead with his history.
Consists of a short cartoon as in  comic that can be found on YouTube and Facebook . 
Director and actor of these videos is the same creator of the game doctoral Ph.D student in organic chemistry Ruben Canton Vitoria . Thus, although the video quality is not optimal, it tries to show us some aspects that can enrich our educational juice during games.
📼Moreover,  In this videos also uses various teaching strategies to extrapolate game concepts to reality, showing a  passive science   dissemination passive. 
Here we leave the chapters so See it is up to you.

⭐In Chapter 1 It´s explained how important it is to win in this didactic game.  Now  you are with all the selected for the job, and you have to be the first to finish  a '' Competitive game ' about organic chemistry, bounding organic molecules in order to get the job you want. 

⭐The Chapter 2 shows something funny. Scientific facilities you have in the game. It's a place wherein many famous scientists have worked! and they discovered important scientific advances, and even some won a  Nobel Prize.  
Herein, the game introduces you to a theme and it implicitly explains some of the rules of the game.

⭐The Chapter 3 is perhaps the longest. Here there is the goals of the game, each one  of the scientific projects (goals) are explained. It given an application or use of each chemicalProject like in scientific fiction filmIn addition, It can help to you to understand the projects. However, If you are looking for that, you have this other video.
This chapter is clearly visible the scope of ChemiProject as educational game. We see that you can teach organic chemistry for beginners (or motivate to study, since a real teacher (or at least a book) is necessary to study  organic chemistry). Showing the most famous functional groups such as alcohols and amines and their chemical structure. It aspires to be a good educational game for young and adults.

⭐The Chapter 4 is perhaps the most representative of the game, principally because it represents what would be a game in real life. What you must do to achieve your goals, either by your own efforts or bugging your opponents... In addition to expand the teaching strategies of the previous chapters, shows an additional factor: The BreakRules, in this chapter suggests that performing specific chemical connections, give you awards, this new kind of cards. These cards are based in make questions, and  enhance the opponents interactions forcing to you to make a good strategy. And we all know the educational character that has a board game questions has. This generates a lot of interaction with opponents.  Guaranteed fun!

👍Shortly, it is clear that ChemiProject it´s a game to hang out and learn, with a high educational value of chemistry. 
These are all the chapters of time, although the author promised one last chapter, we do not know  yet when this will be upload.

Hopefully soon!☺